Artist with Macon connection on Newsmax TV show

An artist with Macon connections is on a TV docudrama-style reality show that airs on Saturdays.

Daniel Henigman is one of 12 artists featured on “Work of Genius” who compete for 12 weeks, pitting their talents against each other.

“I think it was like 80,000 artists that applied,” said Henigman, who now lives in Los Angeles. The experience was “really great.”

Henigman has lived in Macon off and on for a long time, and his mother, Shirley Stafford Long, has lived here for years, he said during a phone interview.

“Every time I do a shift in what I want to do careerwise with my art, I usually come back there and spend a year or so to kind of recharge and leave and come back and leave,” he said. “I’m pretty settled now, but I come back there all the time.”

After an initial audition for the show in Los Angeles, Henigman and others were sent to Miami and were told it was for a second audition. They were told to bring enough clothes for four weeks.

“We get there, they sequestered us and we got to meet each other,” he said. “Then they told us we had been picked for the show. ... Four weeks of clothes was not enough for the three and half months we filmed.”

The contestants were asked to work with a variety of media, from crayons and chalk to pencils and watercolors.

The show was filmed in 2009 and it was done entirely in the Miami area. It’s not unusual for it to take so long before a show makes it on TV, he said.

The first show aired earlier this month, and it will continue to air at 3 p.m. each Saturday through Aug. 8 on Newsmax TV.

The half-hour program can be seen on DirecTV channel 349, Dish Network channel 223, as a free app on iPhone, and on other streaming devices such as Roku.

Contestants were not judged or eliminated during the show. The winner will be chosen by audience votes. The top artist will receive a $100,000 prize, which includes representation in a top gallery and a publisher for a year as well as an environmentally friendly car.

“After the first show each episode will be based on who we are,” he said. “I’ll be on every episode, but the interviews will be mainly on one artist at a time. I think I’m on the July Fourth show.”

Henigman has done “tons of stuff in Macon,” including a mural in 1993 on the outside wall of the former location of Ingleside Village Pizza. After the pizza business moved across the street in 2009, a later tenant of the space painted over the mural.

Ingleside Village Pizza owner Tina Dickson said she had talked to Henigman’s mother about getting a mural.

“(Henigman) and another guy came (and) they did that thing in like two days,” Dickson said. “It was crazy how fast they did that. I loved it very much. It was exactly what we wanted.”

Dickson said she is still disappointed it was painted over.

She was happy to learn about the TV show Henigman is on.

“I will look for it; that’s really cool,” she said. “That makes me miss the mural even more.”

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