Cop Shop: Rocking horse thrown at Macon man in basketball spat

A man hid a basketball from a kid, and then the cops showed up. On April 6, a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy was sent to check on a dispute at a house on Brigham Street, southeast of Brookdale Avenue in Payne City. The boy the ball belonged to, whose age wasn’t noted in an incident report, said he was going to tell his mother that the other guy, 21, had hidden the ball. “Go ahead,” the older fellow said. The mother, 27, confronted the 21-year-old. “They started arguing,” an incident report said, “and she threw a basketball at him but missed.” The man said the mother later threw a toy rocking horse at him. It missed too. “They started arguing again and ... (she) punched him in the face,” the report said. The mother then drove off, but she returned after the deputy arrived and she gave her side of the story. She said her son had told her the man “was saying stuff about her and she went to tell (the man) that if he had anything to say about her that he could say it to her face and not to her kids. She stated that (he) kept arguing with her and calling her names, so she threw the basketball and the rocking horse at him.” The mother, who admitted hitting the guy in the face, was cited for disorderly conduct.

When a Bibb sheriff’s deputy pulled her over on Bass Road at 2:30 in the morning April 4, a young woman driving a 2002 Honda Accord leaned out and puked. The deputy wrote in his report that he was careful as he walked toward her: “I didn’t want to step in vomit.” The deputy smelled alcohol. The driver said she’d been drinking. After a sobriety test, she was arrested for DUI. On the ride to jail, the deputy’s report noted, the woman “sarcastically thanked me for causing her to miss Easter” and missing church with her family. It wasn’t Easter, the deputy told her, it was Saturday morning, predawn. “She had plenty of time to post bail and get home,” the deputy’s write-up said. But the woman, the report went on, “insisted that I was wrong about what day it was and that it was now Sunday.” She later refused a breath test, insisting she had already taken one. When a deputy gave her a form to sign, she signed it and handed it back. The deputy noticed that she signed it, “(Expletive) You.”

Two men in their 30s were arrested in downtown Macon on the evening of April 4 after someone reported them for bothering people on Cherry Street and urinating in a sidewalk trash can. While a deputy was taking the pair into custody, another man came up and thanked the deputy. The man, according to an incident report, did so because he said he was “about to knock one of the male suspects out due to him messing with his girlfriend.”

Dispatches: When a man who lives in the 3000 block of Houston Avenue looked out his window the morning of April 5, he noticed something on the hood of his 2000 Ford Expedition. Someone, according to a sheriff’s report, had scratched his sons’ nicknames on it: “Boot-n-Pimp.” ... A Bibb deputy pulled a man over near the east end of Eisenhower Parkway the night of April 6. The driver, 60, appeared tipsy. During a sobriety test, the man reportedly told the deputy, “I’m getting tired of you. ... Go ahead and write me a ticket.” The deputy took him to jail. ... On the evening of April 13, a woman, 27, told a Bibb deputy that she was at work at a Macon hospital when another woman called harassing her, saying, “You better tell your boy Roc to quit jumping from bed to bed.” ... On April 4, two women suspected of shoplifting at the American Eagle clothing store on Riverside Drive made off with about $500 worth of merchandise. One woman was described in an incident report as skinny, “with wild hair that looked like she was on drugs.” The other was described as “big.”

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