100 Marie Osmond dolls stolen in Macon break-in

When burglars busted into a north Macon storage unit late last month, they made off with 100 Marie Osmond dolls that a woman planned to give her granddaughters.

The dolls, collector’s items designed and marketed by their famous singer namesake, were worth nearly $3,000.

The woman, 57, purchased them a few at a time from a man whose mother collected them.

“She had bought a whole bunch of them from QVC before she died,” the woman said Tuesday.

According to a Bibb County sheriff’s report, “a bunch of units” at Simply Self Storage near the Hall Road intersection on Riverside Drive were broken into March 29.

The woman, who lives in Carrollton, reported the theft Monday.

“My mama was a doll fanatic,” she said. “It was just one of those sentimental things, but I never expected anybody to rip them off.”

The woman described the dolls, once popular on the cable television marketplace QVC, as tall and small with “all different kinds of dresses.”

Some were dressed up like roses.

On Tuesday, the woman wasn’t holding out much hope of finding them.

“Only thing I know to do,” she said, “is look at the flea market on the weekend.”