Cop Shop: Boston police trace missing iPhone to Macon

An iPhone went missing from City Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 27. According to authorities there, surveillance video showed a woman taking the phone from a desk. Two days later, Boston police, tracking the phone remotely, pinpointed it at an apartment on Houston Avenue in Macon. The Boston cops called Bibb County sheriff’s deputies, who went to the apartment. A woman there had the phone. A sheriff’s report said the woman “stated she found the phone and was going to try to find the owner.” She handed over the phone and deputies shipped it back to Boston. Cops there said they didn’t want to press charges. It wasn’t clear whose phone it was. When a reporter showed up at the Houston Avenue apartment where the iPhone was found, a woman with a Boston accent laughed. “I went to Boston for my birthday. I’d lost my birth certificate and I could only get it from there,” she said. “I was in City Hall and I found the phone. Now when I was in there, I asked, ‘Is this anybody’s phone?’ Nobody said nothing. So I just sat the phone down for a second ... (and) I got finished with my little transaction. So I picked the phone up. I was gonna return the phone ... but everybody was saying, ‘Don’t return the phone.’ So when I turned the phone on (in Macon) I seen a number on there. It scared me so I turned it off. But I was gonna call the number back. But before I could call the number back, the police came here.”

A shoplifting suspect was near the beer and wine section at the Pio Nono Avenue Kroger on March 30. The suspect, a 52-year-old man, was reportedly seen by supermarket employees grabbing a bottle of Wild Berries-flavored Seagram’s Escapes and opening it. “He walked about ... and ducked down to drink,” a Bibb deputy’s report said. The man denied stealing the drink. He said he “simply found it on the shelf and he opened it up to drink it,” the report noted. “I advised him that was (the) same thing as stealing. He still denied stealing.” At the county jail, after the man was arrested, the deputy’s report said the guy “made a spontaneous utterance of how he was sorry and that he could have just paid.”

There was another shoplifting episode at the same grocery store April 1. A 17-year-old who lived nearby was caught by a Kroger employee. The teen had allegedly stolen a $4 bag of Starburst candy. When a sheriff’s deputy arrived, he asked the teen if “going to jail was worth the $4 bag of candy,” a report noted. The teen said no, that he just “didn’t have $4 for the bag of candy.”

Dispatches: A 36-year-old Macon man was being locked up on an outstanding warrant March 30. At the county jail, the guy cussed at a deputy and, as the deputy’s report put it, threatened to “kick my ass to death.” The man, a 6-foot-5, 235-pounder, made a gun gesture with his hand “and started to point it at me, ... saying, ‘I’m going to spray you dead, rookie. ... Let me catch you and your girl. I will beat you in front of her.’” ... A March 28 sheriff’s report described a 24-year-old who lives in southwest Macon as “a woman scorned.” She and a neighbor, the report said, “were only sexually romantic, and since they have stopped having sexual relations there (has) been an ongoing feud.” ... On April 1, a woman on Southfork Drive in west Bibb was on Facebook making Easter plans with her sister who lives in North Carolina. That’s when, as she later told a Bibb deputy, another sister in Arkansas sent the Macon woman a message saying “she was going to beat the brakes off of her for comments allegedly made to her.” The Macon woman wasn’t sure if the Arkansas sister “would come through with the threats, but (she) wanted it documented.”

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