Reindeer Gang Update: Response 'overwhelming,' says man taking care of three nephews

Carl Bailey has been caring for his three nephews since the spring.

The children were in need of clothing, but they got much more than shoes and shirts.

Tunga Crudup, program director for Campus Clubs, said more than $1,600 had been donated a week after The Telegraph’s Reindeer Gang story about the family appeared.

“What we’re going to do with the cash is we’re going to get them a washer and dryer,” Crudup said. “With the rest of the money, what we’re going to try to do is either get their car repaired or get them a cheap car.”

Crudup said a truckload of clothes and toys was donated to the family, so much that she suggested Bailey save some of donations for next Christmas.

Bailey said he received enough for about four Christmases.

“(The response) was overwhelming,” Bailey said. “It’s been great — almost too much, I’m scared to say. ... We’re really running out of space.”

— Laura Corley

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