Reindeer Gang: Medical issues limit mother’s immediate future

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Reindeer Gang is an annual holiday feature that identifies individuals and families with needs. Donations to the Lowe family can be made through Loaves and Fishes Ministries Inc., P.O. Box 825, Macon, GA 31202 (478-731-2869.)

The last thing Katina Lowe needed was a major medical setback, but that’s what she got.

After having a child a year ago, Lowe had a series of 24 seizures this past June. She couldn’t walk until August, and since then, she’s been limited to only mild activity.

“I’m in the process where my doctor’s trying to figure out what’s going on,” she said. “It’s been a challenge.”

She still has spells where her legs will “shut down,” and all that has made it difficult for Lowe to find work. She once worked for a cleaning business, but she hasn’t been employed since the birth of her youngest son, Tyrese.

Lowe was nominated for The Reindeer Gang by Loaves and Fishes Ministries. Shirley Washington, president of the organization’s board, said the family’s “bad situation” prompted the nomination.

“She’s a single mother, low-income, unemployed, who’s in need of basic necessities for those kids,” Washington said. “She’s humble, and she’s trying.”

Lowe’s lone income right now is $235 per month in payments from the father of one of her children. She has 16-year-old Jaquez, 15-year-old KeAndre, 14-year-old Alexis, 11-year-old Darius, 9-year-old Marquis, 7-year-old Emarion, 5-year-old Taliyah, 4-year-old Lee and newcomer Tyrese all living with her in her Macon home.

“I had my kids, and I want my family to stay together,” she said.

To make that situation work, Lowe converted her three-bedroom home into a five-bedroom structure by using a dining room and a foyer as furnished sleeping spaces.

She also has the assistance of a sister, Bonita Ray.

“I help out with the kids,” Ray said. “I try.”

In the aftermath of her hospitalization, Lowe said she developed depression and anxiety. That piled on top of sleep apnea and asthma, which, along with her seizures, were part of a family history that she had previously been unaware of.

“You want to do something for your kids, and you can’t do it because everything fell on you,” Lowe said.

To help on that front, Lowe is seeking new appliances. She doesn’t have a stove, and her refrigerator, washer and dryer have all broken in recent months. She said she was hesitant to ask for such items, but she was told to ask for things she needed.

Lowe said she would gladly accept used items.

“I don’t care what it is; it’s a blessing,” she said.

In addition, the children could all use clothes:

Jaquez -- Large shirts, 34 pants, size 10 shoes

KeAndre -- X-large shirts, 36 pants, size 10 shoes

Alexis -- Large shirts, 18 pants, size 8 1/2 shoes

Darius -- Medium shirts, 12 pants, size 7 shoes

Marquis -- Medium shirts, 12 pants, size 6 shoes

Emarion -- Size 7 shirts and pants, size 3 shoes

Taliyah -- Size 5 shirts and pants, child’s 12 shoes

Lee -- 4T clothes, child’s 11 shoes

Tyrese -- 18-month clothes, child’s 5 shoes.