Macon postal workers protest national cuts

The U.S. Postal Service is making cuts, and local postal workers aren’t happy about it.

With a reported 82 mail processing facilities set to close across the country, Ronnie Buie – president of Branch 270 of the National Association of Letter Carriers – led a group of about 50 protestors Friday at the post office on Macon’s College Street.

“We’re making America aware of it,” Buie said of the nationwide protest effort called “Stop Delaying America’s Mail.”

Buie noted that the reason for the cuts was to save money, much like the proposed elimination of Saturday mail delivery. He said the real financial issue for the post office, though, was the 75 years worth of pre-funded retirement the agency is required to put away due to a 2006 congressional ruling.

The estimate for that fund was $44 billion as of 2013, according to a Time magazine report.

“I don’t know the exact number,” Buie said. “That money could be used now.”

He said no Macon post offices are under the ax, but in addition to the delays in mail, it could impact jobs elsewhere in the state. Protests also were scheduled in Atlanta and Athens.

“But we put one together because it would be hard to get elsewhere,” he said.

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