Fishing of smaller bass OK’d on part of Ocmulgee

“The fish that got away” could become even smaller.

Beginning Sept. 17, fishermen on the lower Ocmulgee River will be able to catch largemouth bass as small as 12 inches, down from the current minimum of 14 inches. That’s anywhere on the Ocmulgee River between Macon’s Spring Street bridge and its confluence downstream to the Oconee River. The state’s fishing guide already has the 12-inch minimum for the upper Ocmulgee River.

Other changes by the state’s Board of Natural Resources will change largemouth bass regulations on Lake Oconee, where bass between 11 and 14 inches had to be released. Now, there will be a minimum of 14 inches. The board also is replacing the 12-inch minimum for shoal bass on the upper Flint River upstream of Warwick Dam with a 15-inch minimum length limit, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said in a statement.

The state’s fisheries chief, John Biagi, said the length limit changes were supported by public input, research and fisheries biologists.