Waiting for justice

A crowd of family and friends gathered at LaTosha Taylor’s south Macon home on a Sunday afternoon seven years ago.

The young nursing assistant, a mother of two girls, had planned a Bratz doll-themed party to celebrate her oldest daughter’s eighth birthday.

Although no photos remain of little Elecia jumping on a trampoline or eating her cake, it’s a day that Taylor’s family and friends haven’t forgotten.

Later that night -- Aug. 7, 2005 -- Taylor was burned to death.

Elecia and her younger sister, then 4-year-old Jada, went to a friend’s house for a sleepover after the party.

Police say that Taylor’s ex-fiance, Jomekia Pope, poured gasoline on Taylor inside the house and set her on fire.

He had been at the party and stayed behind to help clean up afterward.

For Arleshia Pettigrew, Tuesday night will mark seven years since she rushed to The Medical Center of Central Georgia -- the hospital where she’d given birth to Taylor 26 years earlier.

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