Postal Service set to close Macon Mall station next week

The U.S. Postal Service will be closing its office at Macon Mall next week.

The station at 3661 Eisenhower Parkway will close Tuesday, according to a news release. The decision was made after a study conducted last year.

“Given the extraordinary decline in mail volume -- a decline of nearly 26 billion pieces this past year alone -- we must take action to reduce the size of our retail and delivery network,” South Georgia District Manager Julius Locklear said in the release. “By consolidating, streamlining and adjusting our operations, the Postal Service becomes a more efficient and effective organization.”

Affected postal employees will be reassigned in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements and established repositioning processes, the release stated.

Other nearby stations at 1040 Pio Nono Ave. and at 1740 Rocky Creek Road will remain open.