Macon coffee shop’s new look brings back former feel

Joshua Cup Coffee, 1090 Washington Ave., Macon, held a grand reopening Monday showcasing its new look and smell.

The popular downtown coffee shop only closed a total of three days and remained open for most of the remodeling.

Owner Jon Beachy said the remodeling was done to make the 10-year-old restaurant more like it used to be. About three-and-a half years ago, Joshua Cup expanded its offerings to include a lunch menu and more grill items. “Instead of coffee, it smelled like bacon on a grill.” he said.

The sofas and sitting areas where customers leisurely hung out were replaced with restaurant-style tables and chairs for diners.

Though it offered more grilled lunch items, Beachy said, Joshua Cup sort of moved away from what made it unique. In an effort to not become just a “regular restaurant” Beachy initiated the renovation and brought back the “soft seating,” created more open space and spruced up the décor.

Beachy said Joshua Cup will still sell hot sandwiches prepared in a flashbake oven, similar to those used in chain sandwich restaurants.

“It allows us to still offer hot sandwiches and still have a coffee smell,” he said.

The restaurant did a good lunch business, Beachy added. “The down side is the physical space and turning over tables; getting people in and getting people out in a timely manner,” he said. Also, “It started to take on a lunch smell instead of coffee.”

The restaurant still offers breakfast sandwiches, and chicken, tuna, and egg salad sandwiches after 3 p.m., and coffee, of course.