Kerosene sold at Eatonton store could be dangerous

Officials from the state’s Department of Agriculture said Tuesday that kerosene sold at the Long Shoals Country Store in Eatonton was possibly volatile and shouldn’t be used, a news release said.

The release said inspectors locked down a kerosene pump at the store, 1093 Sparta Highway. The kerosene may be contaminated with gasoline and has the potential to cause an explosion or a fire if used in home heaters or lamps.

Officials are still trying to determine how much kerosene was sold. Anyone who bought kerosene from the store during November should return it immediately for a full reimbursement.

Officials also are testing other stations that sold kerosene from the same distributor.

Consumers should always take precautions with space heaters. Check heaters and the kerosene for malfunctions and contamination between uses, especially if either have been sitting for some time.

Kerosene heaters should be filled and tested in an outdoor setting and operated only in a properly ventilated room on a level surface.

Space heaters should be kept at least 36 inches away from combustible walls, furnishings and other materials, such as drapes, fabric and paper and clothing.

Turn it off before going to sleep and never leave a kerosene heater unattended.