New Crawford emergency sirens will be tested soon

Crawford County’s six tornado sirens are now working, but the $110,000 system won’t be tested until clear weather returns.

Partial and full-sound tests will be run in coming weeks during clear weather, so residents don’t get confused, said Gerry Gibb, director of Crawford County Emergency Management Agency, in a statement. At least one test will be done on a clear Saturday. After initial tests are completed, the sirens will be sounded only when the National Weather Service issues tornado warnings. “The entire tornado early warning system is being monitored 24 hours per day, seven days a week and will be tested each week,” Gibb wrote. “After mid-May, these ongoing tests will be very quiet and most likely will not be noticed by residents who live close to the sirens.”

Gibb said residents should also visit www.crawfordcountyga.org or call 836-3782 to sign up for the free CodeRed phone-based warning system.