Macon police internal affairs reports 2009 allegations

Macon police officers had 394 allegations leveled against them in 2009, with 33 resulting in suspensions and another 15 in firings, according to statistics presented to a City Council committee Monday.

More than a third of them — 144 — required no action. Internal Affairs Capt. Mike Schlageter told the council’s Public Safety Committee that many of the complaints that come to his department are efforts to get traffic tickets excused.

The department received 18 allegations of excessive use of force — down from 27 allegations in 2008 — but 14 were dismissed with no action and the remaining four were referred to the peer board for disciplinary action.

Precinct 1 with 74 allegations and Precinct 3 with 68 allegations had the highest number of complaints in 2009. That number is down significantly from 129 in 2008 for Precinct 1, but up from 42 in 2008 for Precinct 3.