Macon attorney files motion seeking police officer’s DNA

A Macon attorney has filed a motion in Bibb County State Court asking a judge to require a Macon police officer to submit a DNA sample following a March raid at Tokyo Health Spa, 2790 Riverside Drive.

Reza Sedghi, the attorney representing 29-year-old Sun Ah Cho, alleges a police officer solicited oral sex, paid Cho $80, engaged in oral sex with Cho and then arrested her for solicitation of sodomy, according to the motion filed Monday.Sedghi argues the officer’s DNA sample is needed to compare with semen from a condom Cho placed in a freezer before her arrest.

Macon police have said the officer acted appropriately and details of the case will come out in court.

In some of the previous raids, women at the massage parlors have been “aggressive” with some of the officers, police have said.Capt. Eric Walker said a complaint has not been filed with the department’s internal affairs division about the raid. No investigation is being conducted.

Sedghi said he has not filed a complaint with the department.

“We’re going to wait and see what action the city takes,” he said.