Readers share Cherry Blossom haiku

The Telegraph asked, and readers responded — in droves. Below are some of the haiku that were submitted. More will be highlighted on 1A during the rest of the Cherry Blossom Festival. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Blossoms are awesomeThe festival is so funIce cream in the park

— by Blake Jones, third-grader at First Presbyterian Day School

Pink trees all aroundThe cherry blossom is pinkThe bed race is fun

— by Mary Jayne Bonfim, third-grader at First Presbyterian Day School

Come with me to theCherry Blossom FestivalLet us play and play

— by Rob Cunningham

Cherry Street is funCherry blossoms are prettyThe pancakes are good

— by Colton Dixon

Bed race in the streetCherry blossoms are awesomePink ice cream is good.

— by Chase Clay

Trees look like they’ve beensprayed with pink confetti whencherry blossoms bloom.

— by Gabrielle Rumph, 12, Macon

Cherry blossoms arepink, beautiful and fragrant.They make spring festive.

— by Gabrielle Rumph, 12, Macon

Cherry blossoms danceto the ground, landing lightly.They sprinkle pink snow.

— by Gabrielle Rumph, 12, Macon

Pink serenades us,lifts our jaded cloudy gloomWe put our face on.

— by Violet Kimball

Pink is the colorof my favorite flower.It rocks with power.

— by Violet Kimball

Pink cherry blossomsMake our Southern town look likeAristocracy

— by Violet Kimball

Under a dustingof snow, awaiting our spring,expectant buds peep.

— by Lynn Neal, Macon

Three-hundred thousandReminders it is coming!It’s festival time!

— by Nora Kean, Kathleen

Pink clouds are bloomingA sign of spring in MaconThe best festival

— by Nora Kean, Kathleen

A warming breeze blowsWhispering of spring blossomsAnd happy green fields

— by Tim Burris

Pale blush on branchesSoft green beneath, blue o’er allSpring’s pastel embrace

— by Elaine Ricks, Cochran

Pink cherry blossoms,Beautiful spring harbinger.Macon’s fleeting joy.

— by Roger L. Shoemaker, Warner Robins

Our land awakens.New flowers cover Macon.The cherry trees sing.

— by Marcus Thurmond, Macon

Pink against blue skyvibrations tickle my earsblossoms’ buzzing bees

— by Penny Spivey, Cochran

Some blossoms fall freeLike tears from lacy pink treesTo tint Macon’s streets

— by Tracy Coyle, Macon

Sweet air seeping through All things becoming alive Spring is almost here!

— by Katie O’Quinn

Sunlight bearing downPink, puffy, clouds openingAwakening now

— by Sheri O’Quinn

Goodbye, winter blahs.Welcome, cherry blossom time!So glad you returned.

— by Connie Abel, Macon

Petals, pink poodlesMacon’s festival beautyBring joy to Macon

— by Susan Maddox, Macon

From one special treeThousands of brightly blooming Pink-covered trees came

— by Susan Maddox, Macon

In the street light glowAt night cherry blossom trees Look like pale pink clouds

— by Susan Maddox, Macon

After fullest bloomTiny petals palest pinkRain to ground like snow

— by Susan Maddox, Macon

Cherry blossoms gleamTiny petals palest pinkGive hope of new life

— by Susan Maddox, Macon

Cherry trees bloomingPink scent floating in the airTickles nose with love

— by Naomi Davis, Roberta

Trained seals splashing funPink hued dog proudly prancingHonor cherry trees

— by Naomi Davis, Roberta

Spring in Macon townPeople gather togetherCelebrate pink trees

— by Naomi Davis, Roberta

Snowy white blossoms Children, eyes wide with delightCherry ice cream drips

— by Jane Hardy

Poodles, ice cream, bowsExtravaganza in pinkImagine the fun

— by Beverly Owens, Macon

Snapshots of soft pinkPicture perfect reflectionsPortrait of Macon

— by Beverly Owens, Macon

God weeps once a yearin showers of perfect pinkThese are tears of joy.

— by Jonique Cuyler

The blossom knows notthe day it must fall awayShall we be as bold?

— by Jonique Cuyler

brilliant globes inflate,quickly rise in dawning skysailing morning’s breeze.

— by Joanne Dibble, Jackson

kids’ faces light up...glowing bubbles in darkness,magical morning.

— by Joanne Dibble, Jackson

downtown, lovely spring’sfluffy pastel party dressslowly falls apart...

— by Joanne Dibble, Jackson

Spring’s here! rosy-cheeked,busting out all over, inher pink party dress

— Joanne Dibble, Jackson

essence of our springexquisite pastel clouds of pink snowflake blossoms

— Joanne Dibble, Jackson

fickle fall-line springarrives in pink pastel clouds scatters pale blossoms

— Joanne Dibble, Jackson

Pink petal coatedDuring cherry blossom timeBeautiful Macon

— by Shirley H. Hobby, Milledgeville

Gently swaying treesFloating flowers in the breezeCherry blossoms pink

— by Shirley H. Hobby, Milledgeville

Central City ParkMacon music under starsDown by the levee

— by David Clinard, Gray

Cherries are a’bloomBaby birds sing happilyMacon welcomes spring

— by Grace Richardson, 7

If you love beauty,Macon has it all the way!Gather friends and go!

— by Jean Brennan, Macon

Macon’s in the pink Cherry blossom time is hereCome and join the fun

— by Anna Smith, Centerville

Cherry blossom pinkMacon welcomes you warmlySpring is here at last

— by Bob Meloche

Inhaling wonderBreath suspended fills the soulExhaled sigh gives thanks

— by Linda Gillis, Bonaire

A new spring weighs inA ten on a scale of tenPink carries the day

— by Linda Gillis, Bonaire

A short-lived splendorMarch winds rustle the branchesA blizzard of pink

— by Linda Gillis, Bonaire

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