Macon Water Authority cleans up spills

The Macon Water Authority cleaned up several spills in the area after heavy rains last week.

One major spill took place Friday and ended Sunday at the dead end of Lennox Drive. About 195,000 gallons of sewage were discharged into Sabbath Creek because of lift station failure and hydraulic issues, caused in part by 2.43 inches of rain in the Macon area during a 72-hour period.

A second spill of 174,375 gallons was cleaned up at the easement behind the Allen Road lift station, which discharged into a ditch feeding Tobesofkee Creek.

About 30,000 gallons were discharged into the Ocmulgee River after a spill at the Corbin lift station to Riverside lift station easement, a report stated. A fourth spill of 28,650 gallons occurred at 3291 Willowdale Drive, which emptied into Sabbath Creek.All of the debris was removed at the various spill sites, and the affected areas were disinfected with lime.