Macon-Bibb firefighter injured while training

A Macon-Bibb County firefighter injured Tuesday in a training accident remains in a local hospital, Chief Marvin Riggins said.

Three firefighters were injured while setting up a piece of unmanned equipment that allows firefighters to spray water on a fire, Riggins said.

A part of the equipment became dislodged, and water pressure caused the hose to move wildly. Three firefighters were injured by the dislodged part, the hose and the metal coupling attached to the hose, Riggins said.

Firefighter William Sanders sustained a head injury and is being treated in an intensive care unit. Firefighter Chris Hardy has bruised ribs, and Brandon Evanson suffered bruised lower extremities, Riggins said.

Hardy and Evanson were taken to the hospital but were released on the day of the accident, he said.