Cherry Blossom Festival gets grant to assess programs and operations

Trustees of the Peyton Anderson Foundation have approved a $250,000 grant for Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival to help evaluate the festival’s programs and operations.

The grant will help provide resources to assess how the festival’s program and operations can be made “more effective in the years ahead,” according to a statement from the festival.

The grant will provide the festival a chance to “re-imagine” the organization’s future and “act boldly to implement programs that can be a creative resource for Macon’s future.”

“I am thrilled to accept this generous gift, which will allow the festival to expand our marketing, tourism efforts and programming as a whole,” said Karen Lambert, the president and CEO of the festival.

The 2010 festival is scheduled for March 19-28. A full calendar of events is scheduled for announcement Jan. 15, 2010.