Sewer main work could be done soon

Workers should finish replacing a failed sewer main that ran under the levee in Central City Park by the end of the month, the Macon Water Authority said Monday. Crews also are working on additional repairs to other portions of the sewer line there.

The authority has completed construction of a new sewer force main that runs through the levee, except for the work to tie the new line into the existing force main that runs under the river, according to a statement from Tony Rojas, the authority’s executive director.

The old gravity sewer main that collapsed Sept. 23 has been abandoned, capped and filled with cement to keep flooded river water from penetrating the levee.

Before the sewer main collapse, sewage flowed through it by gravity.

Once construction is complete, it will flow under pressure through the levee and connect with a gravity sewer main on the other side and further down within the system, the authority said.

After the final tie-ins, the authority will begin the final cleanup of the construction site, including repairs to sidewalks.