Permanent fix to sewer line near Central City Park will have to wait

Crews worked into the early morning Thursday to finish temporary repairs to a break in a sewer line near Central City Park, the Macon Water Authority reported.

Workers patched a hole in the line at a spot just before the line runs under the Macon levee, after building a semicircular barrier of sandbags around a large sinkhole that formed around the failed portion of the line. That dike protected the hole in the sewer line from the rising waters of the Ocmulgee, River which was predicted to crest today at about 23 feet.

Workers will have to wait for the river to recede to a level that will allow workers to begin a permanent repair of the sewer line “and assess what kind of sewer spills or overflows ... may have occurred” on the sewer collection system, Tony Rojas, the authority’s executive director, said in a news release.

The authority had to turn off its Main Street pumping station, located across the river on the east side. Until the river level recedes, the authority won’t be pumping sewage from the Main Street station, Rojas said.

Anyone who sees a sewer spill or overflow can call the authority’s hot line at 464-5650.