105.5 FM switches to rock music format

Macon radio station 105.5 FM unveiled a new format Friday, switching from sports talk programming to rock music. Cumulus Radio general manager John Rodriguez said the move was made after extensive market research.

“We were looking at something that did well in ratings and with advertisers,” he said. “We’re doing that with some of our other stations in other markets as well. We’re doing quality rock.”

Rival station 106.3 FM plays classic rock, but Rodriguez said that covers mostly the 1970s, ’80s and some ’90s, while his new format will be mostly ’90s and current rock music.

Rodriguez said the station is kicking off the new format with 1,055 songs without commercials over the holiday weekend. However, the Atlanta Braves baseball games and the University of Georgia’s Saturday afternoon football game will be broadcast as usual.

While ESPN radio has switched to 1500 AM, one show won’t be making the shift. “The Dan Patrick Show” has been picked up by Clear Channel Media and will be broadcast weekdays from 9 a.m.-noon on 1670 AM, said Dale Flint, WQBZ program director.