Group plans to replant forest lost in fire

The Georgia Forestry Commission and Oglethorpe Power Corporation have formed a partnership to replant as much as 500 acres of woods burned in wildfires near the Okefenokee Swamp in 2007.

Wetlands in Dixon Memorial State Forest will be planted with red maple, cypress, swamp chestnut oak and water tupelo trees, according to a news release from Oglethorpe power.

Two hundred acres of trees have already been planted and the rest will be planted this fall.

In return, the power company news release said, Oglethorpe will be able to receive credit for the carbon dioxide captured by the replanted trees for the first 25 years, then will share the rights with the state for 50 more years. Power plants such as those owned by Oglethorpe Power are major emitters of carbon dioxide pollution and are expected to soon face new carbon regulation.