City to vote on keeping accounting firm contract

The city of Macon likely will re-up its contract with Mauldin & Jenkins this evening, keeping the local accounting firm in charge of various annual audits for the fiscal year that recently ended.

The contract is slated for a full council vote during this evening’s regular meeting, but the agreement was easily approved by the councils’ Appropriations Committee on Monday evening. The cost of the audits, which will cover the city’s general and other funds, will cost a maximum of $134,500, with the actual total depending on how well the city does in providing the firm with good financial information, city Finance Director Tom Barber said.

“We didn’t do a good job of that last year, I know,” said Barber, who came on as city finance director shortly before the last annual audit got underway.

This year’s version should be done before a Dec. 31 deadline so the city can continue to receive state grant money, Barber said. Meeting that deadline has been difficult for the city in the past.

Under the agreement, Mauldin & Jenkins would handle the fiscal 2009 audit, covering the year that ended June 30. Appropriations Chairman Mike Cranford said the city likely would bid the auditing job out next year, opening the process to competition again.

The city switched to Mauldin & Jenkins in 2006. Before that, the firm of Clifton, Lipford, Hardison & Parker had reviewed the city’s books for several decades.