I-75 exit to I-475 at Hartley Bridge opens

After years of work, a new exit from Interstate 75 northbound onto Interstate 475 in south Bibb County was scheduled to open Thursday night.

Drivers also will need to look out for various lane shifts as construction crews finalize reconfigurations in the area, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

“The exit to 475 is the finished product and will remain open from now on,” DOT spokeswoman Kimberly Larson said in an e-mail. “(But), as it is now, when you come under Hartley Bridge Road, the lanes shift right and the ramps from Hartley Bridge merge on the right and traffic then exits to either 475 to the left or 75 to the right. After tonight this goes away. The ramps from Hartley Bridge will be just that — for vehicles entering from Hartley Bridge to 75 or 475.”

The department has spent tens of millions of dollars to address the fact that the Hartley Bridge Road exits on and off I-75 were too close to the merger of I-75 and I-475. This produced a dangerous traffic weave as drivers changed lanes quickly to make their exits.