Panels on Bibb's public safety, governemnt, public perception begin fact-finding work

Committees charged with addressing public safety, government efficiency and public perception issues in Macon and Bibb County have begun fact-finding missions in those areas, they reported Thursday.

The committees are a result of a community leadership conference in February where local leaders identified those areas as the city and county’s three biggest challenges.

Since then, a steering committee developed, with these three sub-committees as offshoots.

The steering committee, which has 36 members from government, business, nonprofit and religious communities, met at Market City Cafe for lunch and to hear reports.

All committees have met with department heads and officials to learn about the issues affecting their particular topic.

They’ve reviewed surveys and reports and hope to soon be coming up with ideas or solutions to problems, committee co-chairs reported.

“I think what we’re doing here is a good start to taking responsibility for our community,” said former Mercer University President Kirby Godsey, who led the discussion. The group plans to meet again in August with more concrete ideas and recommendations.