Macon officer shoots bulldog

A police officer fatally shot a bulldog Wednesday night after the dog chased a woman, lunged at officers and neighborhood residents and attacked a man walking down his driveway, according to the Macon police.

Police were called to 956 High St. about 7:40 p.m. by a woman who wanted officers to check on her neighbor, according to a police report.

While talking with officers, the woman abruptly turned and started running because she was being chased by a large dog. The dog then ran across the road into an open door at 953 High St., according to the report.

The dog soon came back outside and ran toward the woman and officers. The officers drew their weapons and yelled at the dog to stop. The dog stopped briefly, but then lunged at the officers, according to the report.One officer fired a shot at the dog and it ran back to 953 High St. But several pedestrians walked down the street and the dog lunged at them, according to the report.

Then a 43-year-old Washington Street man walked out from an alley behind 953 High St. and the man was attacked by the bulldog and a black laborador retriever, according to the report.

Police officers ran into the alley and attempted to distract the dogs, but the bulldog lunged at an officer who shot it in the head.

The Washington Street man attacked by the dogs was taken to The Medical Center of Central Georgia by ambulance, according to the report.