State launches new health-care Web site for consumers

A state Web site meant to help people sort through health-care options has added new features to help consumers rate hospital and nursing home services, the Georgia Department of Community Health announced in a Wednesday news release.

The site, www. georgiahealthinfo.gov now includes “long-term care quality comparisons, expanded provider look-up and clinic and specialty hospitals search tools,” the release states.

The long-term care section includes facility inspection reports and information on average nursing home costs. There are also checklists that can be downloaded so consumers will know what questions to ask before choosing a nursing home.

Consumers can also punch in their address and malady and the system will search for individual hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, clinics or other health centers in the area that can handle the problem. Then it provides information about average treatment costs and time of stay.

The site also includes tips on choosing a doctor, tips for healthy living and various ways to compare health-insurance plans.