Macon’s Tubman Museum gets $150,000 grant for technology

The Tubman African American received a $150,000 grant from AT&T this morning to provide equipment for a new classroom to the existing facility on Walnut Street.

Andy Ambrose, executive director of the museum, said the money will be used to purchase equipment such as laptop computers, wireless internet, multimedia projectors, digital cameras and software that will not only help students at the local level, but also allow the museum to send its programming anywhere.

“It’s a very important and very exciting gift,” Ambrose said. “It will allow a critical new element — distance learning. ... We will be able to do live broadcasts from here and send DVDs and CDs of our programs all over the state.”

Ambrose said the technology will be transferred to the new Tubman building on Cherry Street once it is opened.

Terry Smith, regional manager for regulatory and external affairs for AT&T, said the new technology will help the Tubman in its overall mission.

“We’re committed to investing our time and talent into promoting educational programs,” Smith said. “The Tubman is an internationally recognized institution.”