Hundreds attend downtown Macon tea party protest

Hundreds of people showed up for a tea party this afternoon on the lawn of Rosa Parks Square in downtown Macon, and protested the excessive spending and “creeping socialism” they said has arisen under President Obama’s administration.

The event, one of hundreds going on around the country today, aimed to harken back to the Boston Tea Party of colonial times, when American patriots disguised themselves as Indians and dumped barrels of tea into the Boston harbor in protest of British tax policies.

Today, tea partiers carried signs that read things like “Government is not the solution, it’s the problem” and “F*** Tax.” For nearly 90 minutes, they listened to various speakers -- including State Rep. Allen Peake, gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine, State Rep. Tony Sellier -- press the need to stay on guard against government interference in personal liberties.

“President Obama is leading our country down a dark and dangerous path toward socialism,” Peake told the crowd, expressing outrage at the president’s belief in redistributing wealth and heightened government control over the financial sector. “This is about the independence of free enterprise and capitalism.”

Organizers estimated nearly 600 people attended the event. Sonny’s Barbecue gave out more than 200 sandwiches and 300 iced teas to those who first arrived for the rally.

Radio personality Chris Krok, who helped put the event together and served as its master of ceremonies, called the gathering a success.

“It shows the frustration with this administration,” he said. “It shows the frustration with all politicians and all these bailouts. We’re tired. We’re sick of it. We’re done.”

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