Macon Water Authority cleans up several spills

The Macon Water Authority reported three spills this week that it cleaned up.

The MWA handled a spill at the dead end of Lennox Drive. A hydraulics issue caused 25,000 gallons to be discharged into Sabbath Creek. The area was later cleaned up. A similar issue caused another 1,500 gallons to be spilled into Sabbath Creek at the dead end of Clairmont Road.

Also that day, a minor spill of 3,600 gallons was caused by rising waters in the Ocmulgee River that caused the sewage to be spilled into Sabbath Creek after some of the manholes were flooded.

Wednesday, the MWA cleaned up a spill at the dead end of Brookdale Avenue. About 2,400 gallons were discharged into Wolf Creek after debris, including old rags, brick fragments and old blankets, had been dumped into a manhole, causing a blockage. The debris was removed and the area was cleaned up.