MWA cleans up four area spills

The Macon Water Authority reported Wednesday four area spills were cleaned up Friday and Monday.

According to reports, the authority cleaned up about 7,200 gallons Friday at the dead end of Lennox Drive in Macon that was caused by a lift station pump failure. The sewage was discharged into the Corbin Avenue basin. The authority also cleaned up about 3,150 gallons that was discharged into Sabbath Creek. Both areas were disinfected and the lines were repaired, the reports said.

Monday, the authority cleaned up spills at separate locations. About 1,320 gallons were discharged from a spill at 3020 Castlewoods Drive into a ditch that feeds into Savage Branch, affecting the Corbin Avenue service basin. The blockage was caused by grease, which was later cleaned. Also on Monday, a spill was cleaned up at 4433 Old Club Road. About 1,440 gallons discharged into a ditch feeding Wolf Creek, affecting that basin. That spill also was caused by grease, which was later cleaned.