Complaints filed about Bibb’s secret vote on courthouse

About half a dozen people have filed complaints with the state Attorney General’s Office regarding the Bibb County Commission’s potential violation of the state Open Meetings Act, spokesman Russ Willard said Friday.

Several more have called in but decided against filing once they learned other complaints already were pending, Willard said.

The Telegraph is filing a complaint as well.

The complaints refer to two votes the commission took in a session closed for the purpose of discussing property acquisition. During those private meetings on Aug. 5, 2008, and Nov. 18, 2008, the commission authorized the purchase of about $3 million worth of property for a new courthouse near the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center, according to meeting minutes.

Although private discussion is allowed for certain reasons, including property acquisition, the Attorney General’s Office has said voting behind closed doors is illegal. County Attorney Virgil Adams has said the county’s move was legal and within the boundaries of the Open Meetings Act.