WMAZ to continue analog signal for now

Local CBS affiliate WMAZ-13 announced Tuesday on its Web site that it will continue to broadcast its analog signal past the Feb. 17 date originally set by the federal government to broadcast only with digital signals.

Though the government since pushed the switch date to June 12, most of the other local stations in the Macon market announced last week that they would petition the Federal Communications Commission to switch the signal on Feb. 17.

WGNM-TV, a local Christian station, already switched to a digital-only signal several months ago.

Should the FCC grant the requests of the other stations, WMAZ would be the lone signal in the market that will continue to broadcast an analog signal in addition to a digital one.

Jeff Dudley, general manager for WMAZ, said the decision was made because the station isn’t certain the market is ready for the switch.

“Our current plan is to assess the readiness of the community,” he said.Dudley said a date to switch to digital-only hasn’t been decided.