Macon.com redesign - Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the new Macon.com!

For a closer look at some of the new features (and for a few tips on how to find your way around) watch our guided video tour. If your connection is slow, or you would rather not watch a video, see our photo tour.

We know redesigns can be jarring. Links have been moved, sections redesigned and navigation changed. If you have a comment or question, please read the frequently asked questions below to see if we've already provided the answer. If not, use our feedback form to contact us. Our online staff will work hard to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a compliment, we would love to hear that, too. We like the new site. We hope you'll love it.

Thanks for using Macon.com.

Frequently asked questions

Why did you redesign? Our previous site had become dated. When it was designed, much of the technology that exists today was either not available or in its infancy. Our new site loads faster. It features an enhanced navigation menu that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for without scrolling. And it looks better, too. We're not too proud to admit to a touch of vanity. In short, much like your car, sometimes you have to upgrade to a new model no matter how much you love the old one.

Why is the text in the comments so small? We're still working through some issues with our new commenting function. We'll have the text size fixed soon, so bear with us.

Where did the weather page go? You can now get to the weather page by clicking on any of the links in the weather widget, located near the top of the right side of the homepage. We have also added a link under the 'Most Visited' tab, which can be found on all of our pages. You can always reach the weather page by typing 'macon.com/weather' in you browser's address bar.

What happened to the stocks listing that used to be on the homepage? It is now located at http://www.macon.com/business.

Will I need to register again? No! Your existing username and password have been carried over to the new site.

What are all these new options I see when I click on my username? We've added tons of social networking functions to the site. Feel free to customize your profile, start a blog and trade messages with friends. Be sure to try out our new message boards.

What happened to all the comments I made on the old site? We've incorporated a new set of commenting tools and discussion boards into the new site. Unfortunately, we were not able to incorporate the older posts. It was much more practical to make a fresh start.

The text in the stories is too small. How do I make it larger? Just to the right of the headline at the top of the story, you'll see a line that says 'text size', followed by a plus sign and a minus sign. It probably goes without saying, but click the corresponding symbol to change the text size.