A look at Middle Georgia's tornado history

The deadliest tornado ever in Georgia hit Gainesville on April 6, 1936, killing 203 people.Here's a quick look at tornadoes that have hit Middle Georgia during the years:

April 30, 1953

A tornado carrying 100-mph winds cut through the heart of Warner Robins and Robins Air Force Base, killing 18 people, injuring 350 others and leaving more than 1,000 people homeless. The twister did more than $10 million worth of damage, leveling dozens of houses. It tore through the city in about 12 minutes, tearing a swath about 1,000 feet wide. It is the fourth deadliest tornado in state history.

Feb. 18, 1975

A tornado hit Fort Valley about 4:10 p.m. One person was killed, and at least 51 people were injured. Many homes and downtown businesses were destroyed. It caused about $7.5 million in damage.

November 1989

A twister destroyed seven homes in Pineview, in Wilcox County, and killed a 2-year-old boy. At least seven people were injured.

November 1992

Four people were killed in Putnam County when a tornado tore through Monroe, Jones and Putnam counties. It left a 25-mile path of destruction, wrecking at least 68 homes in Putnam.

March 1, 2007

Seven tornadoes struck the midstate as part of a deadly storm system that killed nine people in Georgia and 10 in Alabama. A total of 10 twisters struck the state:

– In Taylor County, one man was killed when his mobile home was destroyed. More than a dozen homes sustained damage, and four mobile homes were destroyed.

– In Crawford County, 64 houses on Sandy Point and Hamlin roads were damaged. Of those, 14 were destroyed. Homes and businesses in Bibb and Jones counties also were damaged. The National Weather Service estimated that some of the tornadoes that swept through Georgia packed wind gusts of up to 165 mph.

– Telegraph archives also list tornadoes in Macon or the Macon area on these dates: March 28, 1920, April 30, 1924, Aug. 10, 1928, Jan. 30, 1947, March 3, 1952, April 4, 1952, March 13, 1954.