Dublin has first homicide of year on Saturday, second on Sunday

Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatman had high hopes the city would go an entire year without a homicide, but that came to an end Saturday.

Then on Sunday, in a completely unrelated incident, the city had its second slaying.

Both were domestic incidents, and suspects have been charged in each one. Chatman said the city has implemented several programs to keep young people away from crime and teach them to solve differences without violence.

“We have seen good results, but unfortunately this weekend was not kind to us,” he said.

Jeffery Edmond, 26, was found about 10 p.m. Saturday lying on Carver Street with multiple stab wounds, according to an incident report. He told a responding police officer his name, but he died later at Fairview Park Hospital. His girlfriend, Brenda Rozier, 27, was arrested initially on drug charges and was later charged with murder.

Then on Sunday afternoon Jacquell Smith, 20, was shot twice in the head at a home on Azalea Drive. Raekwon Pauldo, 21, was charged with murder. Chatman said the two were friends and had gotten into an argument that was initially over the Bible. Smith was a college student and was home for the weekend.

“It’s just senseless,” Chatman said.

Dublin had two homicides last year. Chatman said he can’t remember when the city went an entire year without a homicide. Summer is the worst time of year for violence, he said, and when the city made it to fall without a homicide, he had hoped to go the rest of the year without one.

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