Macon woman accused of stealing nearly $5,000 from Bragg Jam’s soap box derby

Kristyn Penney Boothe
Kristyn Penney Boothe

An ex-board member for Macon’s popular Bragg Jam music festival was jailed Wednesday after turning herself in to face charges that she improperly spent more than $4,500 from the festival’s soap box derby account.

Festival officials told Bibb County sheriff’s deputies earlier this month that from April until sometime in September, now-former board member Kristyn Penney Boothe used a debit card from the account for “personal use,” an incident report about the matter notes.

In all, Boothe, 33, who lives on Oak Ridge Avenue in Macon, allegedly spent $4,589 of the nonprofit’s money.

Arrest warrants in the case don’t specify what may have been bought, just that “while working for Bragg Jam” Boothe spent “organization funds on her personal uses.”

Boothe, charged with theft and deposit-account fraud, was in the Bibb jail for about three hours Wednesday before being released on a $5,350 bond shortly before noon.

According to the sheriff’s report, which cites a complaint from Bragg Jam board President Everett Verner, Boothe “admitted to using the (debit) card and wrote a personal check to reimburse the (festival’s) account. This check was written on a closed account.”

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