Lawsuit claims Georgia police chief told Asian receptionist, ‘Me love you long time’

A Georgia police chief allegedly harassed a receptionist of Asian descent in his department by, among other things, quoting to her sexually suggestive lines from the movie “Full Metal Jacket,” including, “Me love you long time.”

In a federal lawsuit filed Thursday, receptionist Phong Choum, 39, described as “an Asian female,” accused Greensboro Police Chief Ossie Mapp, 59, of making numerous uninvited “comments of sexual nature” regarding Choum’s “body, looks, and attire.”

Other allegations included Mapp’s asking Choum to “see underneath her dress,” saying that women were “lesser employees” and “sexual objects,” and calling her a “whore” and telling her “how flat” her buttocks were.

ChiefMapp (2)
Ossie Mapp, Greensboro, Ga., police chief greensboroga.gov

The lawsuit, which alleges sexual harassment and racial discrimination, was filed in U.S. District Court in Athens. It claims the remarks and actions went on for four years until her termination last December.

Choum began working at the police department in Greensboro, a town of about 3,400 just north of Interstate 20 halfway between Atlanta and Augusta, in March 2011.

The lawsuit contends that Mapp, at least five times, showed Choum a clip from “Full Metal Jacket,” a 1987 film about U.S. Marines in Vietnam, during which a pair of soldiers talk to an Asian prostitute. Mapp, the suit alleges, told Choum “to get an outfit like the Asian prostitute,” and he often quoted to her lines from the film, including, “Me love you long time.”

The lawsuit also claims that “at least” a couple of times a week Mapp “rubbed his hands” on Choum’s body and that a number of times he told her “to change into a tighter outfit.”

Most of the alleged incidents are said to have happened during lunch breaks when other workers were out of the office.

Choum, a single mother of three, declined all sexual offers and ignored the harassment, though she did once tell that Mapp she was going to file a sexual harassment claim against him, the lawsuit notes.

The lawsuit claims Mapp fired Choum because she hadn’t “yielded” to his “sexual advances.”

Mapp, who is being sued individually and in his role as police chief, told a Telegraph reporter who called him Friday seeking comment that he was not aware of Choum’s suing him.

When the reporter asked Mapp if he wanted the reporter to describe some of the allegations, the chief said, “Yes, please.”

After the reporter informed the chief of some particulars in the lawsuit, Mapp said he would speak to a lawyer and perhaps have more to say in the coming days.

“Right now,” Mapp added, “I don’t have any comments.”

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