Cops: Man drugged ‘out of mind’ talks to fire hydrant, escapes ambulance, hurts EMT

A distraught young man burst into a Dairy Queen in south Macon the other day and yelled for someone to call 911. He promptly collapsed on the floor.

When a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy pulled up at the Pio Nono Avenue eatery Friday afternoon, the young man, 25, told the deputy that he had rushed there from his uncle’s place across nearby Rice Mill Road on St. Charles Place.

The deputy’s write-up of the episode said the man claimed that his uncle “gave him a bottle of water and that he believed the water was spiked with some form of drug.” The man said that after drinking the water he began sweating and seeing things.

When the deputy spoke to the man’s uncle, the uncle said the man had asked him for some water and “started acting crazy,” the report noted.

The man then reportedly changed his story, saying his uncle “tried to kill him.”

“It became clear at this point that (he) was out of touch with reality,” the deputy’s report went on, adding that the man then “went to the side of the road and started a conversation with a fire hydrant.”

The report does not mention what the conversation entailed, but before long an ambulance wheeled up and the man was hoisted inside on a stretcher.

Meanwhile, the deputy rode over to another house and talked to the man’s mother. She said her son had a history of drug use, the report noted.

While the deputy was gone, the man screamed when EMTs tried to sedate him, the report added. He bolted from the ambulance after grabbing one of the paramedic’s thumbs — yanking and possibly breaking it to get away.

When officers caught up with him on Spencer Circle, a block or two from the Dairy Queen, he was “yelling that people were trying to kill him and that his heart was going to explode,” the sheriff’s report said.

He was taken to a city hospital for treatment.

The injured medic declined to press charges because the man was “out of his mind and did not act maliciously,” the report said.

Joe Kovac Jr.: 478-744-4397, @joekovacjr