Boil advisory issued after East Macon water main break

Water line break under Emery Highway

A break in a 12 inch water line caused outages for some people in East Macon. Repairs are underway at this time.
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A break in a 12 inch water line caused outages for some people in East Macon. Repairs are underway at this time.

A boil advisory was issued early Friday after a 12-inch water main break in east Macon.

The boil advisory includes a larger area than the residences of those who are experiencing disruptions in water service.

After a 24-hour period of testing and monitoring the water quality, the Macon Water Authority will conduct a final bacteria test to confirm water in the impacted areas of the system is safe to drink again, a news release from the authority said. At that time, the boil water advisory will be lifted.

The boil advisory includes Emery Highway/Commerce Dive out Emery Highway to Jeffersonville Road to Irwinton Road to the Twiggs County line and down Jeffersonville Road to the Twiggs County Line (Dry Branch).

The boil advisory also includes Emery Highway south on Ocmulgee East Boulevard to the county line. Riggins Mill Road and Ocmulgee East Boulevard to county line on Riggins Mill Road. The advisory ncludes all side streets within this area.

The water outage area includes Emory Highway and Commerce to Emory Highway and Ocmulgee East Boulevard, up Riggins Mill Road to Ruark Road and South Ocmulgee East Boulebard to Herbert Smart Airport Drive.

Those who are now without any water can expect to have their service restored within one to two days, which means some customers could be without water until Sunday, said Tony Rojas, president and executive director of the Macon Water Authority.

About 180 active water customer accounts were without water in the outage area late Friday morning, Rojas said in an email.

The water main break happened about 8 p.m. Thursday near the intersection of Ocmulgee East Boulevard and Emery Highway.

Customers who lost water service include residential customers and possibly some small business customers such as neighborhood grocery and discount stores, Rojas said. The industrial park was not impacted, he said.

As a precaution, those within the larger boil advisory area are urged to use bottled water, or to boil water at a rolling boil for at least three minutes prior to drinking or cooking.

“Conditions of the boil water advisory include residents being urged not to drink, bathe, cook, brush teeth, water pets, or make ice with the water in the impacted areas until, or unless they have assurances the water is safe for consumption without boiling,” the release said.

The water quality may have been impacted by the service interruption due to the backflow/siphoning of water with unknown water quality back into the distribution system, the release said.

Water was shut off at the site of the water main break Thursday night, with crews working overtime to restore water service as soon as possible, the release said.

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