Once accused of harassing Garrison Keillor, she can’t give him nude art, roses in Macon

Garrison Keillor
Garrison Keillor AP

A Middle Georgia woman whom author and radio host Garrison Keillor once took out a restraining order against was turned away from a meet-and-greet before the entertainer’s show at the City Auditorium in Macon on Wednesday night.

Bibb County sheriff’s officials said Keillor’s staff recognized the woman and barred her from a preshow gathering where Keillor was said to have signed autographs.

A sheriff’s deputy told The Telegraph that the woman, Andrea Campbell, 53, of Hawkinsville, did not cause any trouble.

“She just wanted to give him some flowers — and she had a chalk drawing of a naked lady,” sheriff’s Sgt. Linda Howard said.

Campbell told The Telegraph by phone on Thursday that she received a refund for her ticket and was allowed to attend the two-hour show for free.

“I had a fabulous time,” Campbell said. “It knocked my socks off right into the dryer.”

She said her gifts for the former “A Prairie Home Companion” host included handmade wooden roses — one for him, one for his wife and one for a piano player.

She had also wanted to give Keillor a piece of artwork titled “Nude Petting a Cat” that she had purchased, and noted that it was not a chalk drawing but rather a copperplate print.

She said Keillor’s restraining order against her in 2007 came after the entertainer filed a “false police report.”

According to an Associated Press write-up at the time, Keillor obtained the order based on claims she had “sent him explicit emails … and disturbing gifts, including a petrified alligator foot and dead beetles.”

The restraining order has since expired.

Campbell described Keillor’s Wednesday performance as “profoundly beautiful … and very distressing.”

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