No. 9 story of 2016: Tornado causes most damage in Houston since ‘94 flood

A tornado that hit Houston County on April 1 caused nearly $14 million in damage, more than any storm since the Flood of 1994.

The storm caused an estimated $9 million in damage to homes and commercial buildings countywide and another $4.8 million in damage at Robins Air Force Base, where winds were clocked at up to 90 mph. It was one of four tornadoes that rolled through the midstate.

Jimmy Williams, director of the Houston County Emergency Management Agency, said it was the most expensive damage by a storm in Houston County since the flood, which crippled parts of the midstate.

The storm damaged 12 roofs at the base and caused flooding and power outages. Two of those buildings, Building 190 and Building 12, are still being repaired. They are expected to be completed by March.