Houston County doubles cost of dumping tires

The cost of dumping tires at the Houston County landfill is doubling, but that shouldn’t mean people will see an increase in what they pay at a tire shop, according to the commission chairman.

The County Commission voted Tuesday to raise the cost of dumping tires at the landfill from $90 per ton to $180 per ton. Commission Chairman Tommy Stalnaker said that’s because the company that recycles the tires raised its price from $75 per ton to $125 per ton.

The additional money that the county charges, Stalnaker said, is to cover the cost of transportation and personnel.

The company pays Quality Tire Recycling in Jackson to take the tires.

The reason tire store customers should not see an increase passed along to them, Stalnaker said, is that most of those companies already deal with a recycling company directly. Most of the tires brought to the landfill are a small number of tires brought in by individuals. Those are still weighed and charged accordingly, Stalnaker said.

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