Business 1 on 1 with Chericah Coleman Gibbs of Coleman Cleaning Service LLC

Chericah Coleman Gibbs, co-owner with husband Archie Gibbs, Coleman Cleaning Service LLC, a home-based business in Macon; 478-320-2536.

How long have you been in business?: “I started in 2007. I always wanted to open my own business, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to do.”

She considered her own “wash and fold business, but my finances wouldn’t let me open it. So the cheapest thing I could do is open my own cleaning service. ... I really stepped out on faith. ... The first year was tough, but I stuck with it. Stuck fliers in doors and called people.”

She was in business for a year before marrying her husband, who used to work for a cleaning business, “and our business grew. I was just cleaning houses and buildings and stuff. But now we do more.”

What do you like best about your job?: “I like meeting new customers. After I get through cleaning, they tell me how happy (they are). It gives me great joy to be able to own my own business. ... I can pick my own hours. ... It’s nice to have my kids look up to us.”

What is your specialty?: In additional to normal home, office and industrial cleaning, the business also can strip and wax floors, paint, pressure wash and clean carpets.

“We have a lot of older customers, and if they ask us for something extra, (such as) they need a light bulb changed, we don’t charge extra.”

The company’s service area is throughout Middle Georgia.

What are your future plans?:

Gibbs hopes to grow the business over time, but she doesn’t have a specific goal at this time.