Ky. company will buy Macon-based medical billing business

Paducah, Kentucky-based Credit Bureau Systems’ Ambulance Medical Billing division has signed an agreement to acquire Macon-based National Reimbursement Group, a regional provider of ambulance billing services in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

A billing company since 1990, National Reimbursement processes more than 260,000 transports annually for 40 municipally owned ambulance and emergency medical service clients, its president, Shae Hinson, said in a release.

Hinson will be joining Ambulance Medical Billing to service National Reimbursement’s clients and to facilitate additional growth throughout the Southeast.

Besides its Macon office, National Reimbursement has an office in Huntsville, Tennessee, and both operations will continue after the merger.

“We had 50 employees, and 25 have been hired” by Credit Bureau Systems, Hinson said in an email. “Our Macon office is staying open, and we plan to hire more employees as the Georgia/Florida book of business continues to grow.”

After the merger, Ambulance Medical Billing will rank among the top five such companies in the U.S. based on volume of transports billed per year for its clientele in the Midwest, Mid-South and Southeastern regions of the U.S.

“AMB is the perfect fit for us.” Hinson said in the statement. “I have interacted with AMB and its parent company, Credit Bureau Systems, for years and trust their results, customer care and method of doing business. They have the people, processes and experience which are critical to a successful revenue cycle firm on the national level.”