Macon, Warner Robins unemployment rates hit 7 year low

Unemployment rates dropped to the lowest level since 2008 in Metro Macon and Metro Warner Robins, according to the Georgia Department of Labor.

The Macon rate dropped from 6.6 percent in March to 6.4 percent in April after 100 jobs were added mostly in the professional and business sectors.

That is the region’s lowest rate since July of 2008.

Metro Warner Robins’ rate dropped from 6.3 percent in March to 6.1 percent in April as 100 new jobs were reported in service industries.

The last time the rate dropped to 6.1 percent was in October of 2008.

Since last year, Metro Warner Robins has reported a loss of 900 jobs in government and service industries such as trade, transportation and warehousing.

Georgia’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate of 6.3 percent in April did not change from March, but was a point lower than last year.