Business 1 on 1 with Loris Spann

Loris Spann, co-owner of Sea Ways Seafood II, 69 Green St., Warner Robins, 328-9578; hours: 10 p.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

How long have you been in business?: “I’ve been in business for about 25-30 years. ... I started with my parents. We had a salt water boat and we were catching so many fish. ... I started selling seafood from the back of a pickup truck to the motels and hotels in Warner Robins.

“My parents and myself opened the original Sea Ways on North Davis Drive in a little hole in the wall. Stayed there probably two years, and I found a place on Watson Boulevard. ... I sold it 15 years later.”

Spann worked as a car salesman about 10 years and realized “that wasn’t the place to be” for him. He and his wife, Carol, decided to open the current business about 10 years ago.

The store sells a variety of fish and more, including mullet, speckled trout, brim, whiting, flounder, red snapper, grouper, salmon, catfish, oysters, scallops, shrimp, frog legs, alligator and lobster tail.

What do you like best about your job?: “Oh, I love fish. Everything about it. I know how to merchandise the fish. You will not smell fish in my store and I do not sell chicken. I’ve got a place to sit down outside and eat. I’m very proud of my store.”

What is your specialty?: “I smoke my own fish here. I take fresh mullet and salmon and smoke it. You’re talking about something that’s blossomed in two years. I cannot smoke enough in a week. We also process it and make a spread to put on toast or crackers, and we do that with the mullet and the salmon.

“I get deliveries every day, and 99 percent of my fish comes out of the Gulf of Mexico.”

What are your future plans?: “I’m going to buy this place within the next year so my children will have something to fall back on.”