Business 1 on 1 with Lynn Bassett

Lynn Bassett, owner, Ashley Marie’s Boutique, 913 Carroll St., Perry, 478-224-2667; and at 57 N. Jackson St., Forsyth, 478-974-0037.

How long have you been in business?: In 2012, Bassett owned D.R. Bassett LLC, a concrete company, and when working on the remodel of the Houston County Galleria mall, she noticed a lot of tables and clothes racks were being thrown away.

“That’s where my idea of a boutique came from,” Bassett said laughing.

Bassett was told she could have the items if she made a donation to a local charity, so she asked her daughter if she wanted to start a boutique, and her daughter agreed.

“We drove to downtown Perry, saw a little sign in the window that said ‘for rent,’ met the landlord that day and rented the building.” That was in September 2012. “Six months after I had the store in Perry, the building next door to me came open, so I went through the wall and opened a men’s area, so now I have women and men’s clothing. ... Six months later, in August of 2013, I opened another location in Forsyth.”

Her daughter, Ashley Marie Denmark, operates the Forsyth store.

“I never knew the boutiques would take off the way they did.”

What do you like best about your job?: “I think I enjoy most helping customers pick out clothes. ... Sometimes they have a hard time picking out things that go together.”

What is your specialty?: On the ladies side, the stores sell clothing from extra small to 3X as well as gifts, jewelry and handbags. On the men’s side, it sells mostly casual clothing, T-shirts, ties and bow ties, and dress shirts. The shops cater to teens and older.

What are your future plans?: “We are working on our website and hopefully will launch it really soon -- hopefully within a month ... and we’ll be able to sell online.”

The Perry store has more than 10,000 followers on Facebook, and about 6,000 followers on the Forsyth store’s Facebook page.