Juice bar, deli planned for downtown Macon

A new business, which its owner described as a health food restaurant, is expected to open in downtown Macon.

Owner Charlotte Etheridge said she hopes to open Harp & Bowl La Bistro at 518 Mulberry St. at the end of May or beginning of June. The business is next door to Jeneane’s, a Southern food restaurant.

Harp & Bowl is “going to be a fresh organic juice bar with a deli,” Etheridge said.

She will not only sell sandwiches and salads but also “nutrients like vitamins, and I’m going to sell hand-crafted cheeses, prosciutto, salami and herbs, sauces and oils,” she said. “I’m going to have some specialties ... like fruit salad, and it will be organic, and any meats will be grass fed and eggs will be cage free. I will try to keep it as pesticide free as I can.”

Etheridge said she is putting in a kitchen and getting suppliers lined up. The restaurant will have about 10 tables for people to dine in, and she will offer carry out and delivery.

She plans to have about six employees, including herself and her son. Anyone interested in applying should send an email to

Etheridge said she has not owned a restaurant before, but “I’ve been to culinary school for a couple of years, and I’m a certified body ecologist, so I want to incorporate some of the foods by blood type.”

A body ecologist is a person who “lets your foods be your medicine and your medicine be your food,” she said.

She expects to be open Monday through Friday and wants to stay open until about 6:30 p.m., so people can come by after work.